Janitha is a German-Sri Lankan musician, producer and visual artist. She currently lives and works equally in Hamburg and Berlin. 2016 -2018 she sang, produced and performed live for the project "Hotel Kanalilali". In 2018 she co-founded the electronic duo "Baha Project" and has since performed live both with "Baha Project" and as a solo performer under the pseudonym "JB" in clubs and at numerous festivals (including Habitat, Garbicz, MS Dockville, S├╝dpol Hamburg). In 2020 Janitha completed a musical education in Sound Healing/Sound Meditation and learned to play the guitar. In her latest project "JAN!THA" the artist combines her diverse skills as a multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer with modern production techniques and elements from the ambient-electronica/dance genre. So meditative rhythms meet European piano and pop-oriented vocals, sound meditation and the knowledge of "healing" frequencies and hertz numbers merge with synthesizer, bass and the artist's background in the North German techno scene and her multi-ethnic origin.